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Article on cooperation between DA and Rural Bankers on Phil Star

Efforts by rural bankers to provide better credit access  to farmers and fisherfolk was again featured in the business section of the Philippine Star.  The article,  published on January 29, reported the fruitful meeting between the officers of RBAP and Secretary Alacala of the Department of Agriculture.

Aside from the varied measures and fund guarantees discussed, both agreed to form a technical working group that would  formulate recommendations to the agriculture department.

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Deposits up in Q3 2011

Another good showing for the rural banking industry as the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) reports a significant increase in the total level of deposits. As of third quarter in 2011, total deposits in RBs increased by 4.1% from P119.5 billion to P124.4 billion.

Based on the general breakdown for all banks (commercial, thrift, rural, etc), almost half of deposits are in the form of savings deposits, which grew 10.1% year-on-year.

For a detailed report, kindly check out the following PDIC webpage:, or download the three-page file from RBAP’s Slideshare account.

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RBAP delegation pays courtesy call to Sec. Alcala

RBAP officials with DA Secretary Alcala

RBAP officials led by President Ian Eric S. Pama and Executive Director Vicente Mendoza recently held a meeting with Secretary Proceso J. Alcala and Undersecretary Fleta of the Department of Agriculture to discuss measures on how the DA’s office can effectively support and strengthen its’ partnership with  the rural banking industry.   The two parties later agreed to create a technical working group that will study measures on how rural banks, through the help of DA, can further enhance their services.

Aside from President Pama and Exec. Director Mendoza, other members of the RBAP delegation who went to the DA’s office in Quezon City were Reginald Ocampo, Rene Sayo, Daniel Arcenas, Antonio Pasia and Atty. Edward Leandro Garcia.

Rbap and da 

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RBAP supports restoration campaign

RBAP-RBRDFI Directors and Trustees

Proponents of the Save the Ifugao Rice Terraces Movement can now count on the support of RBAP as the association recently pledged its intention of donating 25,000 pesos, which will be used to purchase a mechanical grass cutter for the rehabilitation of the terraces.  Members and trustees of the RBAP board unanimously gave their resounding concurrence in helping regain the old splendour of the rice terraces during their monthly meeting last January 20, 2012.

The campaign to Save the Ifugao Rice Terraces is part of a nationwide PWD-project, culminating on February 3-4.  As mentioned in the previous web post, proponents of this undertaking are also encouraging Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike to revive the Bayanihan spirit by volunteering.

The support for the rehabilitation of the Rice Terraces is one of the many notable CSR projects of the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines.  While RBAP is a not-for-profit advocacy association, helping to position its members as a formidable force within the Philippine national banking system, the association nonetheless never fails to engage and participate in worthy socio-civic activities.

Save the Rice Terraces


Circular letter No. 2012-08 on Resolution No. 83 of the Anti-Money Laundering Council

This is to inform everyone of RN 83, detailing the decisions and recommendations authorized by the Anti-Money Laundering Council.  Stipulated in said document are the following:

1. Approval of the Revised List of Transaction Codes;

2. Authorizing the secretariat to evaluate and approve any request for addition of transaction codes to the transaction library with notice to the council.

For a complete list of the approved recommendations, please download the BSP file from RBAP’s Slideshare account.

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Circular No. 745

Please be advised that Subsection 4306Q.5 of the Manual of Regulations for Banks has been amended, pursuant to Monetary Board Resolution No. 1952, dated 27 December 2011. The amendments cover the reporting requirements for write-off of loans, other credit accomodations, advances and other assets.

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Revised Rules on offenses, fines, and procedure in Administrative Investigations

To all Rural Bankers, please be advised of the approved promulgation on the revised PDIC Rules on Administrative Offenses, fines and procedure in Administrative Investigations.  This regulatory issuance is pursuant to Section 21 of RA No. 3591, as amended (the “PDIC Charter”), the Board of Directors of PDIC, by virtue of Resolution No. 2011-12-259 dated December 9, 2011.

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AMCLS reports on suspicious transactions

Please be informed of the latest circular of the Anti-Money Laundering Council, pursuant to Resolution No. 120 dated 18 October 2011.  As stipulated in the resolution, all covered banking and financial institutions are required to submit reports on any suspicious transactions involving Egyptian officials from he former government of Hosni Mubarak.

For more details on this, please download the latest circular from our Slideshare account.

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Repost: 2012 RBAP Convention in Boracay

The Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines, in cooperation with the Iloilo Federation of Rural Bankers,  is pleased to announce the holding of the RBAP National Annual Convention at the Boracay Regency Hotel from May to 24 – 25 , 2012.

For other upcoming news and updates, we encourage all  to continuously monitor the RBAP website.

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Memorandum on Acceptability of new land titles

This is to notify all concerned banks of Memorandum 2012-004 on the criteria for acceptability of new land titles with Presidential decree no. 1271 Annotation as underlying collateral for loans offered for rediscounting with the BSP. It is however, subject to the following conditions:

1. That the land titles submitted specifically state that the original date was on or before July 31, 1973;

2. That the lands covered are not within government, public or quasi-public reservation, forest, military or otherwise as certified by appropriate government agencies.

To secure a copy of the aforementioned memorandum, please download memo-004 from our Slideshare account.

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CIR Credit Risk Mgmnt Training for Bank Officers -Feb 17, 2012



Dear Fellow Rural Bankers:

As part of Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) continuing
strategy to strengthen the rural banking industry, the Rural Bankers’
Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (RBRDFI), will start conducting
seminars on Credit Risk Management.

Course Title: One-Day Credit Risk Management for Bank Directors
& Senior Management

Speaker : Ms. Celenita V. Francisco
Banker / Bank Consultant / Trainor

Venue: RBAP Conference Room, RBAP Bldg., A. Soriano Ave., cor.
Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila

Schedule: 17 February 2012 (Friday), 8:30AM -5:00PM

Participants: Directors / Presidents / Compliance Officers,

Course Objective:
1.To improve the bank’s overall credit risk management system, structures,
processes and practices to maintain loan portfolio quality.

2.To enhance the bank’s internal capability to identify lending
opportunities, evaluate borrowers’ creditworthiness, review and monitor
loan portfolio, identify potential problem accounts at an early stage,
undertake remedial actions promptly, and adequately provide for loan

Course Content

I. Effective Credit Risk Management framework for RBs
II. Components of Credit Risk Management
III. Lending Policies & Guidelines Course Content
IV. Credit Process
V. Remedial Management sustainability
VI. ROPA Management
VII. Credit Risk Monitoring
VIII. Bank Reports that need to manage
IX. Concerns require immediate address

Acceptance of reservation is on first come first-served basis; only forty
(40) participants will be accommodated.

Registration Fee:
a) Two Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos only (P2, 800.00).
b) Early bird registrants (those who pay the full amount on or before
February 03, 2012 are entitled to a 5% discount or PhP2, 660.00.
c) Three Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Pesos only (P3,360.00) registration
fee for non-member rural banks. To avail of the regular registration fee,
non-member banks are encouraged to apply for membership with RBAP/RBRDFI.
Please call RBAP for details.
d) This is a live-out seminar. Seminar fee includes snacks, training kit
and certificate of attendance.

For your reservations, kindly observe our training policies:
1. Deadline for submission of registration is not later than February 14,
a) Nomination form of the participant(s) duly endorsed by the bank’s
b) Filled-up Participant’s Profile.
2. A Non-Refundable commitment fee of P1,400.00 per participant (50% of
the registration fee). Payments can be remitted to the Rural Bankers
Research and Development Foundation, Inc. bank account (Land Bank of the
Philippines – Intramuros Branch Savings Account Number 0012-1046-26).
Proof of payment (i.e., deposit slip) should be sent immediately for
verification at (02) 527-2980. Check payments, should be payable to Rural
Bankers Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (RBRDFI)

For additional inquiries please contact:

Mr. Ace M. Calang
Ms. Grace Dimapilis.
Ms. Jesica Cepeda

Contact Numbers: (02) 527-2969, 527-2980; 09178374604; 09178374603; 09178374599


Thank you.

Download the Participant’s Profile Sheet in PDF

Revised reportorial requirements on Microfinance operations

This is to notify all rural banks, engaged in microfinance operations, of the amendments on the reportorial requirements under Circular No. 607 dated April 30. 2008. The thrust to amend or revise was due to the introduction of new microfinance products and, likewise, the growing exposure of banks, particularly universal and commercial, in wholesale MF loans.

For those interested in securing a copy of this latest BSP circular, kindly download the file from RBAP’s slideshare account.

Thank you.

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Call for posting of Balance and Consolidated Balance Sheets

As per CL-2012-02, all banks are encouraged to post the above-mentioned documents, in accordance with the revised forms and guidelines under CL 576, Memorandum Number 2007-030 and, Memo no. 2008-005

To secure a copy of the latest circular, kindly download the document from RBAP’s slideshare account.

Thank you.

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Circular on opened and re-opened banking offices

For your perusal and personal records, the attached BSP file contains information pertaining to the approved applications for new banking offices, which opened and reopened during the 3rd Quarter of 2011.

Thank you.


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