PDIC Advisory on suspicious calls

To all member banks and partners, please take the time to read the letter of Mr. Valentin Arenata, warning all banks to ignore or report any suspicious/solicitation  calls falsely representing his office.

Contents of his letter are copy pasted below.  You may also download the pdf version by clicking the attached link: Letter to RBAP


Dear Mr. Pama:

It has come to the attention of the undersigned that calls ore being made to Banks by individuals falsely representing themselves to be the undersigned’

In particular, several banks have received calls purportedly made by the undersigned ond soliciting sponsorships. The cellphone numbers used are:



Please be advised that the PDIC and its officers do not solicit any form of support in their activities.

Please do not entertain any such calls or representations and feel free to validate or confirm any call or calls that you received or may receive by calling the undersigned of our office number (632) 818-5906 and 84.|-4806 or at my cellphone  number 0917-3070995. My email address is [email protected].

May we request that this notice be disseminated to your members.

Thank you and best regards.

Very truly yours,

Valentin Araneta


RBAP members, for your protection, we encourage all to remain vigilant.

For your information.