Fully Loaded OFFICIAL Business [email protected] only P 1,500

Dear Rural Bank,

We have been providing reliable service and technical support for www.RBAP.ORG since 2002.

We noticed that you are using a free email service provider which may not be optimal for the performance you require with your business emails.

We would like to offer you your fully loaded OFFICIAL [email protected] with the following features and benefits:

  • Avoid misrepresentation! only verified RBAP members can avail of an RBAP.ORG email address!
  • Can send multiple copies of received email to your other email addresses so your key personnel may receive emails directly in your hand held devices
  • Whitelisted at the Bangko Sentral email server, your emails to Bangko Sentral will always get through, we have direct communications with their email administrators.
  • May be embedded in your existing GMail or Yahoo email (we can do this for you, FREE)
  • Human Technical Support by text, chat, email, voice
  • Recover your passwords, take back a hijacked email address. (you cannot get support in Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail, you are just 1 among millions)
  • Weekly and daily backups
  • Restore requests
  • Up to 1 Gigabyte of Space
  • Be part of the official mailing list @rbap.org
  • May be embedded in your existing GMail or Yahoo email (we can do this for you, FREE)
  • Advertisement free webmail interface.
  • Can be used with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Email, IPhone, IPad, Android, Nokia, Blackberry
  • Be able to post your ROPAs

Only P 1,500 / year

Best wishes,
Engr. Edwin Casimero
tel 02-8616030
tel / fax 02-570-7174
cel 0922-8969975


STEPS TO GETTING YOUR [email protected]

(1) Please send email to: [email protected]

Current Email Address:
Rural Bank Name:
Telephone, Cell Numbers:
Names of Official Email Representatives:

YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________ @rbap.org

(2) We will email you our electronic invoice

(3) You can pay via PAYPAL, G-CASH or Bank Deposit

Paypal: [email protected]

Pay via GCash: 0927-530-4031

Pay via Deposit P 1,500 to our bank accounts at:

Account Name: Filipino Web Services Inc.
Land Bank 0231-1445-36
(West Avenue, Quezon City)
BPI 0431-0127-74
(West Avenue, Quezon City)

Then FAX us the Deposit Slip at 02-857-2434 and 02-570-7174