How to check your email via Web

» Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer,Firefox, etc)

» Type:

» In the “name field”, type your full email address.

» In the “password field”, type your “password”.

» Click “login”

» To check “new messages”, click “Inbox”

» To create a “new mail”, click ” Compose”

How to Access email via Outlook Express

» Open “Outlook Express” by double-clicking your “Outlook Express Icon” on your desktop or click the “start button” on your computer, then go to “Programs” and select “Outlook Express”.

» Click “Tools” then select “Accounts” in the menu that drops down

» The “Internet Accounts” window will open. Click the “Add” Button, and then select “Mail”.

» Type Your “Name” (First Name and/or Last Name) in the “Display Name” Field then Click “Next”.

» Select “I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use” then type your “email address”  then click “Next”.

» Select “POP3” as “My Incoming Mail Server”.

» Type in the “Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server” then type in “Outgoing mail (SMTP) server.” ( should be in lower-case). Click “Next”.

» Type your “Account Name” in the “Account Name” field

* (Your account name is your email address)

» In the “Password” Field type your password

» Click “Next” then click “Finish”.

» In the “Internet Accounts” window, click “Mail”

» Select then click “Properties”

» Click “Servers” then put a mark on “My Server requires Authentication”.

» Click “Advanced” then put a mark on “Leave a copy of messages on server”

» Click “Apply”

» Click “OK” then click “Close”

» Click “Send/Recv” to start sending and receiving e-mails.

Apply for an Official RBAP Email Address

What are the advantages of having your own [email protected]?

– Email access via POP3, IMAP and Webmail possible.

– Can be used in conjunction with Google Mail and Yahoo Mail for unlimited email storage.

– Rest assured that your email will not be lost, it is always recoverable even if you forget your password.  You cannot do this with Yahoo or Google.

– Can be used with popular Outlook and Thunderbird using POP3 and IMAP.

– Provide your own email sending SMTP server on Port 25 and port 587 just in case internet providers block port 25 due to spam.
– 3 day rotating backups plus weekly backups.

– Many rural bankers have benefited from these backups by asking us to restore accidentally deleted emails.

– New dedicated server means even more reliability for RBAP emails.

– Our technical support is human and immediate. We have been serving email inquiries via phone, fax, email, text, cell phone, yahoo messenger any time.

– Mailing List Services are integrated in the [email protected] service.  You may have noticed that the best and fastest way to reach rural bankers today is via email.  We include multiple mailing lists so RBAP staff can notify all rural bankers via sending one email and we can notify rural bankers in groups like per region basis.  And this has been successfully practiced for 4 years now.

– We donated our resources to freely providing [email protected] for 5 straight years in the concerted effort to bring rural bankers into the internet age.  To choose email over fax and physical mail.  As a result of this shift to email the RBAP has saved a lot of money.

– The use of emails gives prestige, order and is a marketing tool for knowing that leads to the official website.

For questions and email application, feel free to call RBAP’s Web Service Provider, Filipino Web Services, Inc. at (02) 570-7174 / (02) 861-6030 and look for Mr. Elino Cabiades.

Please see Email Privacy Policy.