Land Bank Credit Financial Institutions HOME LENDING PROGRAM (CHLP)


The Land Bank of the Philippines is currently implementing a Multi-Window Lending System. Included in this facility is a conduit financing scheme designed to cater to the mass housing needs of LBP’s mandated countryside clients by providing CFIs with a credit fund for the housing loan requirements of their borrowers.


  • Rural Banks (RBs)
  • Cooperative Banks (CBs)
  • Thrift Banks (TBs) – except those TBs owned by/affiliated with Commercial Banks (KBs)
  • Stock Savings and Loan Associations (SSLAs)
  • Savings and Mortgage Banks (SMBs)
  • Private Development Banks (PDBs)


  • Networth to Risk Asset (RAR) not less than 12% (net of CFI,s deposit with LandBank);
  • Net Past Due Ratio (PDR) not higher than 25%
  • Profitable operations for the last three years preceding the availment of the line;
  • Met BSP capitalization requirement;
  • Adequate reserves for the four (4) weeks period preceding application;
  • Operations conform substantially with the policies and guidelines of BSP;
  • With sufficient manpower competent to handle the program;
  • Agree to use standard mortgage documents and forms as prescribed by LBP;
  • No adverse findings on owners/key management and no major dispute among owners/management;
  • Accredited with any LBP program;
  • With at least ten 910) prospective eligible sub-borrowers or a minimum aggregate project cost of P1,000,000.00.


  • Members of the SSS, GSIS or HDMF in good and active standing
  • Sub-borrower must secure a Certificate of Loan Eligibility (CLE) from the SSS/GSIS which must be valid at the time of filing of the loan application; and HDMF’s duly notarized Affidavit certifying that the borrower has no existing housing loan with said agency.
  • Sub-borrower has not availed of any housing loan from any of the three funding institutions and/or accredited lending window under the UHLP, either as a principal or as a co-obligor (except for the purpose of residential lot purchase only);
  • Sub-borrower has no pending case in court and./or adverse credit findings; and
  • Income Requirements:

Gross family income of above P10,000.00
Minimum net take home pay of P2,000.00 (General Appropriation Act) after statutory deduction and debt-servicing/long term loan.

  • Others

The CFI, at its own option, may enter into an interim financing scheme with non SSS, GSIS or HDMF members provided that they shall be made members within 30 days from the date of initial release. After the required two (2) years seasoning period (as members of SSS, GSIS, or HDMF), the CFI may request for refinancing – with LBP or take out with Pag-ibig.


The program shall be used to finance any of the following:

  • Construction of new house;
  • Purchase of a lot and construction thereon of a new house/dwelling unit;
  • Purchase of house and lot, condominium or a townhouse unit;
  • Purchase with assumption of mortgage of an existing residential unit previously financed under the Unified Home Lending Program (UHLP);
  • Purchase of existing residential unit foreclosed by a Lending Window or bought back by the Developer/Originator or HIGC under the UHLP; and
  • Purchase of a lot under the National Housing Authority (NHA) site and services program.
  • Renovation/expansion of existing housing/dwelling unit.


LBP to CFI CFI to Home-borrower
6.1 Loanable Amount
  • Option I

80% of Subloans or Sub-borrowers’ PNs

  • Option II

50% of Sub-loans or Sub-borrowers’ PNs. Remaining 50% shall be refinanced after the 5th year

  • Socialized – up to P180 T
  • Low Cost – more than P180 T up to P500 T
  • Medium Cost – more than P500 T up to P1.5 M
6.2 Maturity
  • Option I

10 years or the term of sub-loan, whichever is shorter

  • Option II

5 years, or the term of the sub-loan whichever is shorter

Maximum of 25 years but not to exceed the difference between age of principal borrower atthe time of loan approval and retirement age of seventy(70)
6.3 Interest Rate Socialized: nine percent (9%) per annum (fixed)
Low and Medium Cost:

  • Option I

Prime rate plus minimum spread of 4% sunject to repricing every 5 years and an APR of at least 5%

  • Option II

Prime rate plus minimum spread of 3% subject to yearly repricing and an APR of at least 5%

Socialized:Twelve percent (12%) per annum fixed
Low and Medium Cost: Depending on CFI’s policy
6.4 Collateral Object of financing and/or assignment of Sub-borrower collateral REM, TCT, CCT, other collateral acceptable to the CFI
6.5 Amortization Schedule Equal monthly or quarterly amortization Depending on CFI’s policy


  • One-time release of loan proceeds for all types of eligible loan purpose upon submission of the following documentary requirements;
  • Promissory Note/Credit Agreement/Mortgage Contract/Disbursement Order of Sub-borrower with the Lending Windows;
  • Plans and Specifications/Cost Estimates/Occupancy Permit;
  • All documentary requirements of LBP with the CFI. Documents shall be duly reviewed by the Legal Department;
  • Duly verified Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)/ Tax Declaration/Sketch Plan/Vicinity Map/Real Estate Tax Payment; and
  • Pictures of the housing unit with a certification written at the back by the Appraiser of the CFI that the housing unit shown in the picture is the one financed under the CHLP.

For renovation/expansion/construction, the CFI shall provide interim financing during the construction period. Loan applications of CFI to LBP shall be on completed projects only.

  • Certificate of HGC guaranty.
  • Any availment shall be in accordance with LBP’s existing credit procedures and policies.

For more information and/or assistance please contact any Land Bank Office nearest you.