Unified General Ledger(GL)/Subsidiary Ledger(SL) Reporting System

Guidelines to ensure implementation by end-December 2005 of the Unified General Ledger(GL)/Subsidiary Ledger(SL) Reporting System for rural/cooperative and microfinance-oriented rural banks



Please observe the following guidelines to ensure implementation by end-December 2005 of the Unified General Ledger(GL)/Subsidiary Ledger(SL) Reporting System for rural/cooperative and microfinance-oriented rural banks:

1. The Manual of Accounts shall be amended as follows:

a) Creation of the following sub-accounts for “Sales Contract Receivables” (with record no. 141 under RB/COB Form 2A and with 1-4-06-04-00-00 account code under the GL template): (i) “Performing (Unclassified)” and (ii) “Non-Performing (Substandard)” (with record nos. 142 and 143 under RB/COB Form 2A) as provided under Circular No. 380 dated 28 March 2003; and

b) Creation of “Interest Income – Microfinance Loans” (with record no. 755 under RB/COB Form 3A and account code 5-0-02-15-00-00 under the GL template) as provided under Section 7 of Circular No. 409 dated 14 October 2003 – This represents interest earned and/or actually collected on microfinance loans.

c) Transfer of GL accounts pertaining to microfinance transactions (formerly reported under the “Additional Information” section of the CSOC, RB/COB Form 2A) to CSOC Main report – This is in conformity with the GL templates for universal, commercial and thrift banks.

2. These revisions shall be applicable for the reports as of/for the period- ended September 2004. The reporting templates specifically amended for the purpose are:

a) Consolidated Statement of Condition (CSOC, RB/COB Form 2A, Revised 2004) – pages 1 to 4 only as shown in Annex A;

a.1) Schedule of Loan Portfolio and Other Accommodations (Schedule 2 of CSOC, RB/COB Form 2A) – page 3 only as shown in Annex A.1;

a.2) Schedule of Microfinance Loans (Schedule 2.2 of CSOC, RB/COB Form 2A) – pages 1 and 2 as shown in Annex A.2;

a.3) Schedule of Fixed and Other Assets (Schedule 4 of CSOC, RB/ COB Form 2A) – page 1 as shown in Annex A.3;

b) Consolidated Statement of Income and Expenses (CSIE, RB/COB Form 3A, Revised 2004) – page 1 only as shown in Annex B;

c) RB General Ledger (GL) Template (Revised 2004) – pages 2 and 8 as shown in Annex C and Annex C.1, respectively;

d) Statement of Condition By Banking Unit (RB/COB Form 3A, Revised 2004) – page 1 only (Annex D);

e) Statement of Income and Expenses By Banking Unit (RB/COB Form 3B – page 1 only as shown in Annex E;

f) Details of Loan Portfolio and Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (Schedule 1A) of the Quarterly Report on Compliance with Mandatory Credit Allocation Required Under R.A. 6977 as amended by R.A. 8289 – page 2 only as shown in Annex F.

3. The following phased program of implementation shall be adopted for the Unified GL/SL Reporting System as provided under Circular No. 249 dated 26 June 2000 which was supplemented by Circular Letter dated 13 November 2002.

Report Parallel Testing Live Implementation
a) General Ledger (GL) mapped with revised CSOC/CSIE Main Report; SCHAD File; CSOC Schedules (Schedule 1 to 6), based on the revised RB/COB Form 2A June, September and December 2004Reports March 2005 reports
b) Subsidiary Ledger (SL) System:
(1) Due from Other Banks/ Head Office, Branches & Agencies Ledger March 2005 reports (April – May 2005) September 2005 reports
(2) Fixed & Other Assets Ledger March 2005 reports (May – June 2005) September 2005 reports
(3) Bills Payable Ledger March 2005 reports (June – July 2005) September 2005 reports
(4) Deposit Liabilities/Due to Local banks Ledger June 2005 reports (July – August 2005) December 2005 reports
(5) Investment/Equity Ledger June 2005 reports (August – September 2005) December 2005 reports
(6) Loan Portfolio & Other Accommodations Ledger June 2005 reports (September – October 2005) December 2005 reports

4. At the start of the testing period, BSP validation program(s) shall be made available to banks. At live implementation stage, validation of bank reports shall be done electronically.

5. Banks shall be informed of the validation results and may be required to submit corrected reports if and when validation results necessitates.

6. Pending the full adoption of the Unified GL/SL Reporting System, all banks shall be required to reconcile their respective GL report against the various existing supporting schedules of the CSOC (RB/COB Form 2A).

7. All existing regulations on impositions of penalties for delayed/erroneous reporting shall continue to apply.

8. All reports shall be submitted directly to the Supervisory Reports and Studies Office (SRSO) with postal address:

16th Floor, Multi-Storey Building
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
A. Mabini, Malate, Manila 1004

within 15 banking days after end of reference month/quarter, preferably in soft copy (sent either through e-mail or in diskette through the postal service).

10. Banks, preferring to submit reports through e-mail, shall use the following addresses:

  • For banks submitting soft copy of CSOC (RB/COB Form 2A) and CSIE (RB/COB 3A) in MS Excel format

To: srsorb-fs@bsp.gov.ph
Subject: [Bank Name], [Report Title], As of/For [Reference Date of Report]

  • For banks submitting GL and SCHAD Files, using the prescribed GL templates (shown in Annexes G and H) with data structures (shown in Annexes J and K)

To: srsoglrb@bsp.gov.ph
Subject: [Bank Name] GL and SCHAD Files, As of [Reference Date of Report]

11. All electronic submission of reports shall be accompanied by a Control Prooflist, following the prescribed formats shown in Annex K for CSOC (RB/COB Form 2A.1) and Annex L for CSIE (RB/COB Form 3A.1). Submission of these Control Prooflists shall also be required for reports submitted in diskettes.

12. Control Prooflists shall be sent via fax (523-3461) for reports submitted through e-mail and/or shall be submitted together with the diskettes sent through mail. Diskettes shall be properly labeled as follows:

Report Title
As of [Reference Date of Report]

For all queries/requests for clarification on the aforementioned guidelines, you may contact Mesdames Heidi F. Gomez or Cynthia P. Toleran, at telephone numbers: 523-3241 (direct line), 524-7011 (trunkline) locals 2701/2706/2767, 523-3461 (fax number) or at e-mail address: srsoglrb@bsp.gov.ph

For strict compliance.

Deputy Governor

21 May 2004


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