Speeches and Presentations during the 53rd Annual National Convention


1. Acceptance Speech of Atty. Francis S. Ganzon
2. Dep. Gov. Nestor A. Espenilla, Jr. (BSP)
3. Dir. Marcelinda Omila-Yap (BIR)


1. RBAP Update By: Gen. William K. HotchkissIII (Ret.)
2. DOF Updates By: Sec. Margarito B. Teves
3. 2005-2006 BSP Issuances By: Dir. Leilani Canullas (BSP-SED IV)
4. Rediscounting Guidelines By: Dir. Alejandro Agustin (BSP–DLC)
5. AMLC Updates By: Atty. Francis James Sanchez (AMLC)
6. Collaborative Activites with RBAP By: Ms. Cristina Orbeta (PDIC)
7. RI on Record Keeping By: Ms. Cynthia Marcelo (PDIC)
8. BIR for 2006 By: Mr. Eric Furia (BIR)
9. Countryside Financial Institution Enhancement Program (CFIEP) By: Mr. Liduvino Geron (Landbank)
10. National Livelihood Support Fund By: Ms. Gondelina G. Amata
11. Autoload Max Presentation By: Globe
12. Phonekit Financing By: Globe
13. Consolidating for Stability and Profitability By: Mr. Roberto Juanchito T. Dispo (FMIC)
14. The SPV Act of 2002:The Benefits to your Bank By: Ms. Nora Vinluan (Schuylkill-Acres)
15. Citibank Interbank Funds Transfer and Remittance System By: Mr. Michael David
16. OFW Money Flows to the Countryside By: Mr. Ildefonso Bagasao (ERCOF)