Seminar on Fund Management: July 15, 2011

Date: July 15, 2011 (Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm)
Venue: G.S. Licaros Hall 2nd Floor, RBAP Building Intramuros, Manila
Speaker: Mr. Carlos L. Landagan
Retired Deputy Director, BSP
Reg. Fee: P 1,800.00 per participant

Fund Management deals with the various strategies in managing the bank’s assets vi-a-vis liabilities. Its objective is the best utilization of funds while considering the need to maintain liquidity and the desire to attain maximum profitability. It deals with maximizing the bank’s spread and at least protect the value of the bank’s stock at an acceptable level of risk. . Topics to be discussed include: Fund Management Strategy (FUMA), Tools for Sound FUMA, Profitability Management and Techniques, Major Interest Rate Risk, Asset-Liability Management, Repriceable Asset/Liabilities, Hedging, Fund Sources and Uses and Liquidity Management.

Number of participants is limited to 35 peroffering. Participating rural banks are advised to make reservation with RBRDFI on or before July 13, 2011. Payments maybe made directly to RBRDFI or by depositing the amount to the Savings Deposit Account of RBRDFI (SA No. 0012-1046-26) with the Land Bank of the Philippines, Intramuros, Manila Branch. A copy of the Official Receipt of payment from Land Bank shall be sent to RBRDFI three (3) days before the event commences.

Compliance Officers, Managers, Loan Officers and other interested rural bank personnel are enjoined to attend the seminar.

For further details and reservations, please contact: Ms. Jesica P. Cepeda, Training Assistant, at Tel. No. 527-2968 or 527-2972.

Download Circular Letter with Nomination Form in PDF format

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