Sales Prospecting & Business Dev Training – Apr 07-08, 2015

Date: April 07-08, 2015 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
Venue: Gov. Licaros Hall, RBAP, Intramuros, Manila
Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Resource Person:
Ms. Myleen A. Bundoc
A Trainer/Consultant for Banks, Government Offices, Insurances, and Manufacturing delivering programs in Sales, Marketing, Quality Work-Life
Balance, and Customer Service. Commercial Banker – both foreign and local held the positions as Trainer and HR, Sales and Marketing Specialist.

1. Early bird – P4,500 (on or before Mar 13)
2. Regular Rate –P4,900 (After Mar 13)
3. Non-Member/Delinquent – P5,880

Mode of Payment
• A Non-Refundable commitment fee of P2,450.00 per participant.
• Bank account (LBP – Intramuros Branch Savings Account Number 0012-1046-26).
• Proof of payment fax to (02) 527-2980.
• Check payments, should be payable to (RBRDFI).

Training Policies:

1. Reserve first with RBAP-RBRDFI your training slot, and wait for RBAP-RBRDFI confirmation of your reservation. Thereafter, you may deposit the Registration Fees, book ticket (airline) and secure accommodations.

RBAP-RBRDFI will not be responsible for any damage caused by unconfirmed
reservation (s).

Likewise, once training is FULL, RBAP-RBRDFI has the right to refuse participation or reimbursement on any damage brought by unconfirmed reservations.

Deadline for submission of registration is not later that March 31 2015.

1. Reservation via telephone conversation is accepted. However, Registration Form and fee must be settled 10 days prior the seminar date or March 13, 2015. Otherwise, reservation is considered cancelled.

2. Cancellation Policy: – This will apply to non-subsidized training fee.
a) 10 days prior the seminar date is entitled for a full refund. *Regular Rate only
b) 3 days prior to the seminar date is entitled for a half refund * Regular Rate only
c) Participants who have paid but failed to show up for the seminar will only be entitled to a rebate of 50% of the total registration fee. (Regular Rate only)
d) For special cases (health, accident etc.), kindly coordinate with RBRDFI staff for refund procedures and requirements.

Seminar Methodologies

a) Role playing using the scripts b) Critiquing c) Structured learning experiences- local scenarios d) Group discussions and e) Lecturettes

Expected Participants

Existing and Newly Hired Branch Officers, Account Officers, and other Bank

I. Rationale

A bank’s success largely depends on its abilities to expand its customer base and, as importantly, on its abilities to build and maintain strong relationships with its existing portfolio.

Asking the right question help sales officers surface the needs of the prospective customer for a best-possible-fit recommendation, and likewise recognize growth opportunities mutually beneficial to the bank and the existing clients.

This program aims to ensure success replication by encouraging the sales officers to apply the same process consistently.

The program provides fundamental selling attitude, skills, and knowledge needed to become successful sales people.

Course Outline
• Introduction
➢ Factors of Success
➢ Self-Assessment of Technical Capability
• Professional Selling
➢ Identify the Sales Fundamentals (Sales CAP)
o C – 3 C’s
o A – 3 A’s
o P – 4-Point Selling
• The Sales Process
➢ Outline the Sales Process
o Stage 1 – Prospecting
• Definition
• Importance
• Sources
• Conducting Proper Prospecting
• Personality Types
o Stage 2 – Pre-Call Planning
• Differentiation between a Feature and a Benefit
• Verbal Conversion of a Feature to a Benefit
• Use of a Pre-Call Planning Table
o Stage 3 – Appointment Getting
• Tools in Communication
• Going through the Dragon
Getting the King to Let You In
Selling Phrases to Use/Avoid
Sales Call)
* Opening
= 3 A’s of Approach
= Image Management
= Body Language Cues
= 4 Types of Powerful Question
*Demonstrating Capability
= Common Objections
= Anticipating and Handling Objections
*Obtaining Commitment
= Closing Techniques
= Asking for Referrals
= Leaving an Impression
• Highlighting your Competitive Edge to Win more
o What is your company’s Brand?
o What is your personal Brand?
* Integration/Summary

Download the Confirmation Sheet in PDF