Rural Banking Consciousness Week

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 362 issued on 24 August 2000 (click here), the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines spearheads the celebration of the “Rural Banking Consciousness Week” this August 22-26, 2016.

The theme for this year is “Rural Banks: Partners for Change”. Our nationwide reach put rural banks at the forefront of financial inclusion wherein the farmers and fisher folks, and millions of household in the countryside are given access to various financial products and services. The commitment of the industry is to spur growth and development in the communities that we serve. It is vital that a continuing effort to educate the Filipinos about the contribution of rural banks in economic development is sustained.

We request all rural banks to join us in celebrating the Rural Banking Consciousness Week by displaying the prescribed tarpaulin layout (click here) in the premise of all of your offices and branches from August 22 to 26, 2016. The preferred size is 3 ft. x by 8 ft. but may be adjusted accordingly.

The RBAP is also providing each rural bank with a uniform sticker for posting on each of your office and branch. Please contact your respective federation/confederation regarding the distribution of stickers.

Thank you and mabuhay ang rural banking!

To download a copy of the signed memo, click here.