“By 2010, RBAP shall be recognized as an institution known for its strong organization, full service, and as an advocacy and information and communication center for community banking in Asia.”

Together, the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines Officers and Staffs crafted the above vision statement during the 2-Day Planning Workshop
last January 21-22, 2005 at the Lotus Garden Hotel in Malate. With the fast changing political and economic environment, technological advancements and dynamic nature of the rural banking sector, RBAP commits to rally and stimulate its members to pursue credit and development goals in the communities they serve.

With this essential role that RBAP plays in the rural bank sector, together, the Officers and Staffs crafted the organization’s Strategic 2010 Vision.

Four strategic directions were identified: 1) RBAP as a full-service organization; 2) RBAP as a strong organization with high level of professionalism and sustainability of programs; 3) RBAP as an advocacy center in community banking in Asia and 4) RBAP as an Information and Communication Center for rural banks.

To achieve these directions, the Five-Year Work Plan laid down the specific activities and milestones. The Work Plan was divided into five years and plotting the activities was based on exigency, resources, and time frame. Years 1 to 3 are the busiest years for the organization because the activities are mainly to nurture the grounds to where a strong, full-service organization, advocacy and information and communication center for community banking will be lodged.

The following are the RBAP Officers and Staffs who contributed to the success of the planning session:


1. Mr. Senen D. Glorioso – President
2. Gen. William K. Hotchkiss III – VP for Mindanao
3. Mr. Mark Ernest D. Rosario – Corporate Secretary
4. Mr. Jobel G. Chua – Treasurer
5. Mr. Felino S.M. Angeles – Director


1. Ms. Felecitas P. Javier
2. Ms. Shallie Y. Recaido
3. Ms. Selfa D. Distor
4. Ms. Lalaine Coroneza
5. Ms. Cristine Charisse Fernando
6. Ms. Ruth Marie Ian Caldito
7. Ms. Jackie Lou Echon