RBAP and QUEDANCOR Reinforce Mutual Cooperation

RBAP Pres. Senen D. Glorioso shakes hands with Quedancor President Nelson C. Buenaflor during the MOA Signing

A new Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) and Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation (QUEDANCOR) was crafted in order to deliver appropriate credit support services to the rural populace. Signed on December 15, 2004, the MOC aims to establish a functional mechanism that can collate, evaluate and effectively address the specific concerns of rural banks in areas where Quedancor operates and recommend positive steps for mutual benefits.

RBAP operates as one of the important partners of government in the development and implementation of policies and legislation that support rural economic development through the delivery of effective and appropriate banking services. As such, RBAP President Senen D. Glorioso expressed the need to forge a stronger relationship between the two institutions to provide a wider reach of services throughout the countryside and facilitate the creation of jobs and development of agribusiness land in accordance with the 10-point agenda of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Mutually agreed upon are the following arrangements, duties and responsibilities:

1. Cooperate to set-up policies to harmonize lending activities and maximization of resources for rural investments and credit;
2. Reinforce relationships to strengthen the collaboration between QUEDANCOR and RBAP
3. Work together to identify potential markets and collaborate to approach them strategically,
4. Coordinate between RBAP member banks and concerned QUEDANCOR officers in the implementation of projects between RBAP and QUEDANCOR.

It is with high expectation that through this cooperation, RBAP will be able to realize its objective of positioning its membership as the leading force within the national banking system in bringing the benefits to increasing number of rural customers through a strong and responsive rural banking system.

On the other hand, Pres. Senen D. Glorioso immediately appointed the following RBAP Regional Representatives who will act as key contact officers of Quedancor regional counterpart.

Area Official Representative
Region 1 Mr. Ives Q. Nisce
Region 2 Mr. Domingo I. Tinio
Region 3 Mr. Abelardo G. Samson
Region 4 Mr. Senen D. Glorioso
Region 5 Mr. Fidel L. Cu
Region 10 Gen. William K. Hotchkiss (ret.)
Region 12 Atty. Nicolas J. Lim