Salary Loans

1. Cooperative Bank of Batangas (Countryside Cooperative RB of Batangas)
2. Evergreen Rural Bank, Inc.
3. Merchants Bank (Merchants Rural Bank of Talavera, Inc.)
4. Rural Bank of Lemery, Inc.
5. Rural Bank of Rosario (La Union), Inc.
6. Rural Bank of Sagay, Inc.
7. Rural Bank of Pagbilao, Inc.
8. ASPAC Rural Bank, Inc.
9. ALABANK (Rural Bank of Alabang (Muntinlupa), Inc.
10. Cantilan Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank)
11. Classic Rural Bank, Inc.
12. Cooperative Bank of Cebu
13. FAIR Bank – First Agro Industrial Rural Bank
14. Green Bank
15. PENBANK – Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
16. Philippine Countryside Bank
17. Pilipino Rural Bank, Inc.
18. Plaza Rural Bank, Inc.
19. Rural Bank of Atimonan, Inc.
20. Rural Bank of Mabitac (Laguna), Inc.
21. Rural Bank of Odiongan, Inc.
22. Rural Bank of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Inc.
23. Rural Bank of Subangdaku Mandaue (Cebu), Inc.
24. Rural Bank of Taal, Inc.
25. Sunrise Rural Bank (Rosario, Batangas), Inc.
26. Upland Rural Bank of Dalaguete
27. Country Bank (Country Rural Bank of Tagig, Inc.)
28. Tanay Rural Bank, Inc.
29. Bangko Buena, Inc. (A Rural Bank)