IMPORTANT: CFIEP Survey due 16 January 2014 and member bank info form

RE:  CFIEP SURVEY    (Countryside Financial Institutions Enhancement Program)
     & Member bank info (new) form
DUE:  16 JANUARY 2014   (Thursday)      *extended deadline
Dear Rural Bankers,
The CFIEP is seeking your opinion on how they can further assist the
Countryside Financial Institutions (CFIs) particularly the rural banks.
Attached herewith is a survey form that will help identify the priority needs
of the rural banking industry.
Attached as well is the RBAP member bank information form.
This was disseminated last October 2013. For those who have not yet submitted
their updated info form, please comply. The consolidated info will be submitted
to BSP for the updating of the Directory.
Kindly answer the survey and member bank info form and email or fax to:
RBAP secretariat Yvette Inductivo  
fax:         (02) 527-2980
Deadline for submission is on 16 January 2014 (Thursday)
We look forward for your active participation.
Thank you and kind regards.

Download the CFIEP Survey in PDF

Download the Member Bank Info Form in Word Doc.