Guidelines on submission of IT Profile Report

This is to notify all rural bankers of the required accomplishment and submission of IT Profile Report, for the creation of a baseline IT information and, risk profile the complexity of IT operations based on technology related products.

Below are the summarized guidelines in the submission of the IT profile, which RBAP hopes will be observed by all member banks:

1. The template can be downloaded at  The initial IT profile report as of December 31, 2011 shall be submitted to the BSP on or before March 31, 2012.

2. For rural banks, the report should be submitted to: using the following format for the subject:

3. The certification should be submitted to the Director of the BSP Supervisory Data Centre, duly notarized and signed bythe authorized official of the reporting institution.

4. Those who cannot transmit the IT Profile report can submit the reports in CD, together with the certification, within the prescribed deadline.

5. Said templates are available, upon request, at the at the BSP- SDC office.

For a complete breakdown of the guidelines, please download BSP Memorandum 11 at RBAP’s Slideshare account.


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