Corporate Governance Seminar – July 25-26, 2013


                                    FOR BANK DIRECTORS

The Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP), through the Rural
Bankers’ Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (RBRDFI) is pleased to
announce that it will conduct the seminar-workshop described below as part
of its continuing strategy to strengthen the rural banking industry:

Course Title

Basic Course on
Corporate Governance For Bank Directors

Training Venue

Gov. Licaros Hall, RBAP Bdlg., A. Soriano Ave.
cor. Arzobispo, St., Intramuros, Manila

Date and Duration

June 25-26, 2013

2 days (8:30AM-5:00PM)

Pursuant to the following BSP Circulars
a)	Cir. No. 296 prescribing the minimum qualifications of a bank director,
a director
‘must have attended a special seminar for board of directors conducted or
accredited by BSP…That incumbent directors as well as those who will be
elected…must attend said seminar within a period of six (6) months…from
the date of their election,

b)	Circulars No. 749 and 757 sets new guidelines in strengthening the
Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions”.

Registration Fee
a)	Early bird rate of Four Thousand Six Hundred Pesos only (P4, 600.00)/
per registrant on or before July 12, 2013

b)	Five Thousand Two Hundred Pesos only (P5, 200.00)/ per registrant after
June 12, 2013.

c)	Six Thousand Two Hundred Forty Pesos only (P6, 240.00).♣
Non-member rural banks. To avail of the regular registration fee,
non-member banks are encouraged to apply for membership with RBAP/RBRDFI.
Please call RBAP for details.

Training Policies:

1.	Before you deposit the registration fees, book your ticket (airline)
and secure accommodations, confirm first with RBAP-RBRDFI your training
slot, and wait for RBAP-RBRDFI acknowledgement on such reservation.

RBAP-RBRDFI will not be liable for any damage caused by unconfirmed
reservation(s). Likewise, once training is FULL, RBAP-RBRDFI has the right
to refuse participation or reimbursement on any damage brought by
unconfirmed reservations.

2.	Deadline for submission of registration is not later that July 22, 2013.

3.	A Non-Refundable commitment fee of P2, 600.00 per participant. Payments
can be remitted to the Rural Bankers Research and Development Foundation,
Inc. bank account (Land Bank of the Philippines – Intramuros Branch
Savings Account Number 0012-1046-26). Proof of payment (i.e., deposit
slip) should be sent immediately verification at (02) 527-2980. Check
payments, should be payable to Rural Bankers Research and Development
Foundation, Inc. (RBRDFI)

4.	Reservation via telephone conversation is accepted. However,
Registration Form and fee must be settled 10 days prior the seminar date
or July 12, 2013. Otherwise, reservation is considered cancelled.

5.	Cancellation Policy: -
a)	10 days prior the seminar date is entitled for a full refund. *Regular
Rate only
b)	3 days prior to the seminar date is entitled for a half refund *
Regular Rate only
c)	Participants who have paid but failed to show up for the seminar will
only be entitled to a rebate of 50% of the total registration fee.
(Regular Rate only)
d)	For special cases (health, accident etc.), kindly coordinate with
RBRDFI staff for refund procedures and requirements.

Please note that this is a live-out seminar.

Thank you very much.

Download the Confirmation Sheet in PDF