Comprehensive Property Appraisal Seminar -Aug 11-12


Course Objectives
1) Provide participants the required knowledge and the skills to perform
property valuations in line with internationally accepted standards and
best practices.
2) Provides solid foundation in basic appraisal principles.
-to render a sound estimate of value of real estate of a given time
and for
a specific purpose.
-to guide on the analysis and qualifying data that needs to be collected
and reviewed during the appraisal process.
3) Learn the three main approaches to value and other methods of valuation
in reaching a sound opinion of value.
4) Provides information on how to read and map of a subject property –
delete, no longer part of outline since time consuming. Instead put –
Provides information on Site Inspection and Analysis
5) Demonstrates practical writing exercises necessary to produce
convincing appraisal reports in daily practice.
Seminar Methodologies
Lecture, Discussions, and Workshop: computations and drawing

Expected Participants
Loan Officers, Account Officers, Managers, Appraisers, Sales Officers,
ROPA Managers

Course Outline

• Definition of Appraisal
-purpose and appraisal process
• Definition of Price, Cost, Value and Market Value
• Other Values That May Be Determined by Appraisal
• Characteristics of Value
• Factors that Influence Value
• Appraisal Principles of Property Value
* Principle of Highest and Best Use
-Covers the relationship between market analysis and highest and best use.
• Basic Appraisal Requirements
• Collateral Acceptability
• Collateral Non-Acceptability
• Site Inspection and Analysis
• Appraisal Report Writing
• Code of Ethics
• Salient Features of Real Estate Service Act 9646
• Primary Methods of Valuation
• Other Methods of Valuation

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