CLOSED: Compliance Officer’s Development Training – July 05-06 2018 in Bayanihan Hall


Course Overview & Objective:

Subsection X180 of the MORB stated that BSP Supervised Financial
Institutions  are required to establish a dynamic and responsive
compliance risk management system, which should also be part of the
culture and risk governance framework of the Banks.

1. To guide the banks in adhering to all applicable and related laws
issued by the regulatory bodies (BSP, PDIC, BIR, SEC, etc.)
2. To ensure that Banks comply with the provision of BSP Cir. 972 by
reviewing/ improving their existing compliance program/manual and make
them adequate in every aspect;
3. To discuss the Chief Compliance Officers with their role in compliance
risk management system, particularly in preparation of compliance program
and testing activities.

Course Outline

First Day
Brief Discussion of BSP Circulars on Compliance ( 598, 747 and 972)
Compliance Risk Management
Compliance Function
Compliance Program
Duties and responsibilities of the Chief Compliance Officer
Organizational Structure
Responsibilities of the Board and Senior Management
MORB Awareness

Second Day

The Compliance Matrix
Compliance Testing
Reporting of the results of Compliance Testing
Compliance Tracking (validation)
Review and understanding relevant BSP Circulars from 2014 to present:
Cir. 854  Minimum Capitalization of Banks
Cir. 855 Guidelines on Sound Credit Risk Management
Cir. 857 Financial Consumer Protection
Cir. 871  Internal Control and Internal Approval
Cir. 887 Election/Appointment of Directors/Officers
Cir. 897  Related Party Transactions
Cir. 900  Operational Risk Management
Cir. 911 Annual Audit Report
Cir. 928  Fees onRetail Bank Products/Services and Dormant Deposit Accounts
Cir. 950 Amendments to Part 8 or the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations of
Cir. 951 Guidelines on Business Continuity Management
Cir. 956 Amendments to the Guidelines on the submission of Annual Reports
and the Sanctions to be imposed for Non-disclosure of relevant
Cir. 963 Bank responsibility for the generation and timely submission of
Required Reports
Cir. 969 Enhanced Corporate Governance for BSP Supervised Financial

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