Championing The Bank Clients’ Needs (Customer Service Training)- Oct 23 -24, 2014

Date: Oct. 23-24, 2014 (Thursday-Friday)
Venue: Gov. Licaros Hall, RBAP, Intramuros, Manila
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Resource Person:
Ms. Myleen A. Bundoc
A Trainer and a Consultant for Banks, Government Offices, Insurances, and Manufacturing delivering programs in Sales, Marketing, Quality Work-Life Balance, and Customer Service. Been with Commercial Banking, both foreign and local held the positions as Trainer and HR, Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Seminar Fee:
1. Early bird – P4,200 (on or before Oct. 10)
2. Regular Rate – P4,600 (After Oct. 10)
3. Non-Member/Delinquent – P5,520

Mode of Payment

• A Non-Refundable commitment fee of P2,300.00 per participant.
• Bank account (LBP – Intramuros Branch Savings Account Number 0012-1046-26).
• Proof of payment fax to (02) 527-2980.
• Check payments, should be payable to (RBRDFI).

Training Policies:

1.Reserve first with RBAP-RBRDFI your training slot, and wait for RBAP-RBRDFI confirmation of your reservation. Thereafter, you may deposit the Registration Fees, book ticket (airline) and secure accommodations.

RBAP-RBRDFI will not be responsible for any damage caused by unconfirmed reservation (s).

Likewise, once training is FULL, RBAP-RBRDFI has the right to refuse participation or reimbursement on any damage brought by unconfirmed reservations.

Deadline for submission of registration is not later that October 20, 2014.

1. Reservation via telephone conversation is accepted. However, Registration Form and fee must be settled 10 days prior the seminar date or October 13, 2014. Otherwise, reservation is considered cancelled.

2. Cancellation Policy: – This will apply to non-subsidized training fee.

a) 10 days prior the seminar date is entitled for a full refund. *Regular Rate only
b) 3 days prior to the seminar date is entitled for a half refund * Regular Rate only
c) Participants who have paid but failed to show up for the seminar will only be entitled to a rebate of 50% of the total registration fee. (Regular Rate only)
d) For special cases (health, accident etc.), kindly coordinate with RBRDFI staff for refund procedures and requirements.

Seminar Methodologies

a) Role playing using the scripts
b) Critiquing
c) Structured learning experiences- local scenarios d)Group discussions and
e) Lecturettes

Expected Participants

President, Branch Manager, Front Officer, Tellers, Loan Officers, and Marketing Officers /Staff.

I. Objectives

Excellent Customer Service is not an optional, but a must. Neither is it one-time nor occasional, it should consistently delivered by all in the organization (Bank). It is a sure way to identify potential cross-sales and it identifies potential causes of costly problems.

At the end of the seminar –workshop, it is expected that the participants:

* Revisit their role/s in the bank and why this is important in the overall vision and mission of the bank.
• Define Customer Service and Excellence and how they impact the organization and their customers.
• Identify their customers whether internal or external.
• Discuss the profile of their customers at their bank (traits, needs and basic expectations)
• Verbalize why Customer is the King and King of the bank.
o Customer is the lifeblood of the organization
o Customer satisfaction spells business success

Course Outline

➢ Introduction : Vision and Mission of the Bank
*Revisit the very reason why the Bank exists and re-instill awareness of why their positions exist.
*Show the connection and application of the Mission and Vision into their daily lives in the bank.
➢ Customer Service
*The 5 facts about customer
*Who are your customers?
*Why do customer quit?
➢ Attitude
*10-item Customer Service Attitude Survey
*What is Attitude?
*What is Paradigm?
➢ Listening
*Listening, a Customer Service Skill
*Listening Activity Through Emphatic Listening Exercise Triads : speaker,
listener (feeling) listening (content)
➢ Excellent Customer Service
*How does it apply to each one of us?
*Four steps to Customer Service Execellence, a STAIRWAY to heaven.
*Going up the stairway.
➢ Handling Complaints
*Reasons why customers complain and what they do.
*Facts about necessary in handling compaints.
*Facts about angry /complaining customers.
*Taking the HEAT.
➢ Wrap Up.
*Summary of the program
*Action Plan

Download the Confirmation Sheet in PDF