Gen. Hotchkiss’ Speech during the Mindanao Credit Conference_March 2006

Message of RBAP President Gen. William K. Hotchkiss III during the Mindanao Management Conference from March 17-18, 2006

CARAGA Rural Bankers Federation
March 17-18, 2006

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International Year on Microcredit: Culmination Activity

Message of Gen. William K. Hotchkiss III (Ret) President, Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines.

Greetings from the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines.

We share in the pride and joy that pervades this gathering of microfinance stakeholders today who, as one voice, have joined the world in declaring their unilateral recognition of microfinance as a pillar of progress and peace in the countryside. This acclamation bears an even deeper meaning for us in the rural banking sector who have believed in the potency of microfinance as a tool for alleviating poverty more than fifty years ago.
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2005 RURAL BANKING WEEK (August 22-28, 2005)

3The Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines now celebrates the Rural Banking Week (August 22-26, 2005) with the theme, Rural Banks: Prime Movers of Progress through Microfinance.

Microfinance is not a new thing for the RBs. This is an ongoing business activity many years back. The micro entrepreneurs have now evolved and became the lifeblood of economic development in most areas of the country. This metamorphosis is accentuated by the rural banks’ fundamental role as the financial backbone to this emerging and evolving sector. The RBs and the micro enterprise sector were once upon a time left unnoticed. But together, with an unquestionable synergy, we were able to unleash our potentials and counter the prevalent idea that being small is analogous to being weak. Smallness is not the resemblance of weakness. In the case of the rural banks, where most of them are small, their size reflects the profile of the market they serve. Size doesn’t matter. What matters really is our substantial impact to the communities that we serve. [Read more…]


Acceptance Speech – Incoming President
Speech of Gov. Amando Tetangco, Jr.

Speeches and Presentations During the 52nd Annual Convention

RBAP 52nd Annual National Convention 19-20 May 2005

Dusit Hotel Nikko, Makati City

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Welcome Remarks

(Delivered on the Occasion of a Dinner Reception in honor of BSP Deputy Governor Alberto V. Reyes and BSP-SED IV Director Wilfredo B. Domo-ong, 20 April 2005, Casino Español, T.M. Kalaw, Ermita, Manila)

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Welcome Remarks delivered during the MABS National Roundtable (26 April 2005)

MABS National Roundtable Conference
“Managing Growth of Microfinance Operations: New Developments and
April 26-27, 2005

Deputy Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr., other guests, fellow rural bankers, good morning!

I am honored to welcome you all at this special occasion of the RBAP-MABS
Third National Roundtable Conference and pleased to associate myself with
the noble objective of microfinance.
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Welcome Remarks delivered during the Eagle Achievement Awarding Ceremonies (26 April 2005)

Eagle Achievement Awarding Ceremonies
Grand Ballroom, Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City
April 26, 2005, 7:00 PM

Deputy BSP Governor Armando Tetangco, Jr.; BSP Director Atty. Wilfredo Domo-ong; Ms. Janet Lopoz, Executive Director for MEDCo, USAID Mission Director Mr. Michael Yates, other international guests and visitors, fellow rural bankers, ladies and gentlemen, good evening! [Read more…]

President’s Message

2005 Annual Credit Management Conference of Visayas Rural Banks
07-08 April 2005
Villa Hotel, Ormoc City

Congratulations to all Visayas rural bankers on the event of your 2005 Annual Credit Management Conference
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