BSP CL No. 2013-058: Approved Applications for New Banking Offices and Opened Banking Offices during the 2nd Quarter of 2013

For information, listed below are the approved applications for new banking offices, and banking offices which opened/re-opened during the 2nd Quarter of 2013.

For rural and cooperative banks:

1. Agribusiness Rural Bank, Inc. (AGRIB)
2. Banco Laguna, Inc.
3. Bangko Cabana
4. Bank of Florida, Inc.
5. Bank of Makati, Inc.
6. CARD Bank, Inc.
7. Cooperative Bank of Cotabato
8. Rural Bank of Gattaran, Inc.
9. Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc.
10. Rural Bank of Mabitac, Inc.
11. Rural Bank of Tangub City, Inc.
12. Saviour Rural Bank, Inc.
13. South Bank, Inc.

For further details, please download the BSP Circular by clicking on this link:
BSP CL No. 2013-058