BSP Circular No. 874: Amendments to regulations under the Manual of Regulations on Foreign Exchange Transactions (FX Manual), as amended

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c874_Page_03 c874_Page_04
c874_Page_05 c874_Page_06
c874_Page_07 c874_Page_08
c874_Page_09 c874_Page_10
c874_Page_11 c874_Page_12
c874_Page_13 c874_Page_14
c874_Page_15 c874_Page_16
c874_Page_17 c874_Page_18
c874_Page_19 c874_Page_20
c874_Page_21 c874_Page_22
c874_Page_23 c874_Page_24
c874_Page_25 c874_Page_26
c874_Page_27 c874_Page_28
c874_Page_29 c874_Page_30

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