BSP Circular Letter No. CL-2013-064: National Banking Week 2014

Subject: National Banking Week 2014

Pursuant to Proclamation No. 2250 dated 10 December 1982 (copy attached) designating 1 to 7 January as National Banking Week, all banking institutions and their branches are enjoined to undertake during the period such promotional and publicity-generating activities as advertising, window and counter displays, streamers, distribution of give-aways, raffles and seminar incentives and devices.

The BSP also enjoin the banking industry to promote more vigorously the benefits derived by our communities from banks. They believe it is imperative to convey the important role that banks play in the lives of our people, economy and our country as a whole.

To unify the campaign for our celebration of the National Banking Week 2014, banks are requested to incorporate the theme, “Sa Wasting Pagbabangko, Aasenso Tayo” and the phrase “National Banking Week, 1 to 7 January 2014” in their promotional materials and print advertisements during the period.

A prescribed tarpaulin layout for this campaign may be downloaded here:
National Banking Week 2014_FINAL 3x10

National Banking Week 2014_FINAL 3x10

To download a copy of the BSP Circular Letter, please click on this link: cl064