AMLC Resolution No. 42 dated 29 April 2005


Series of 2005

TO : All Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions Under BSP Supervision

In its Resolution No. 42 dated 29 April 2005, copy attached, the Anti-Money Laundering Council reiterated that all covered institutions, on best effort basis as far as completion deadline is concerned, should:

1. Submit corresponding electronic copy versions, in the required format, of those Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) previously submitted in hard copy or the hard copy version of those submitted only in electronic form, as the case may be, retroactive to 05 January 2004; and

2. Re-submit, in required electronic form. those Covered Transactions Reports (CTRs) that have been submitted previously in hard copy or in diskette not in the required format, retroactive to 23 March 2003.

Your outmost cooperation is hereby enjoined.

Deputy Governor

16 June 2005