Advanced Corporate Governance Seminar – Sept 18-20 in RBAP Intramuros

August 05, 2019

Dear Rural Bankers:

The Rural Bankers Research and Development Foundation Inc.(RBRDFI), in
partnership with the Institute of Corporate Directors(ICD) and the
Countryside Financial Institutions Enhancement Program(CFIEP), is pleased
to invite you to participate in the Advance Corporate Governance
Course(Professional Directors Program for Rural Banks)which will be held
on September 18-20, 2019(Wednesday to Friday) at Gov. Licaros Hall, RBAP
Bldg., Intramuros, Manila.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas notes that one of the major reasons why
rural banks fail is due to the absence of a solid governance structure.
Your Foundation collaborated with ICD to design a condensed version of
their Professional Directors Program with the end-goal of strengthening
your respective institutions. Attached to this letter is a one-page
overview of the course.

Registration Fee with RBRDFI (negotiated cost of RBRDFI)
Php 14,900.00
ICD Public Seminars Cost   PhP 70,000++ individually
Subsidy from CFIEP         Php 10,483.20
Actual Seminar Cost        Php4,416.80
(After the CFIEP subsidy, for 3days seminar, inclusive of the manual,
workshop materials and meals (two snack/s and lunch) for the duration of
the seminar)

1.Will be granted to only one (1) qualified participant of each RB who
will be able to complete all the sessions for three (3) days.
2.The refund will be deposited to the RB, three (3) weeks after the seminar.
3.Subsidy may be availed by those who have not participated in the ACGC in

As a course pre-requisite, all participants must have completed at least
the Basic Corporate Governance Course for Bank Directors given by either
the RBRDFI or any BSP-accredited training institution. A copy of your
certificate of completion of the required course must be submitted to
RBRDFI upon registration.

Register thru this link- (Google Form)

Payment must be deposited through RBRDFI Land Bank of the Philippines
(Intramuros Branch) Savings Account Number 0012-1046-26 on or before
September 11, 2019 (Wednesday). Should you have questions or concerns, you
may email Ms. Grace Estira ([email protected])or call (02) 5272972 /

We’re looking forward to your active participation. Thank you.