Accredited Rural Financial Institutions

This is to notify all RBs and partners that the BSP has certified four banks, three of which are RBs, as Accredited Rural Financial Institutions in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of RA 10000, otherwise known as the Agri Agra Reform Credit Act of 2009, and BSP Circular 736.  With the accreditation, the four banks are provided with the corresponding Certificate of Accreditation bearing an Accreditation Reference Number.

The following are the newly accredited banks with their corresponding ARN:

1. Rural Bank of Kiamba, Inc.              201201 12-BSP-0001

2. Rural Bank of Barili (Cebu), Inc    20120201-BSP-0003

3. Producers Savings Bank Corp.      20120201-BSP-0002

4. Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina, Inc.  20120312-BSP-0004

For all our readers information, the  accreditation is for the purpose of certifying that the loan portfolio of the newly listed ARFIs complies with the qualification requirements prescribed under relevant laws and regulations.

To secure a copy of this circular, dated March 28, please download the attached file by clicking the highlighted link: cl021

Thank you.