Mission Statement


The mission of the Rural Bankers Association is to support the ability of its members to offer quality banking services to all their constituencies, comply with regulatory requirements, and to promote the welfare of the communities in which they operate.

Operating Principles

  • To establish and maintain an organization that supports the ability of members to operate as an aggressive force in the promotion of the civic welfare of the communities in which they operate
  • To maintain commitment to developing rural economies and to promoting community enterprise development through good service and sound practices
  • To develop a pledge of quality and extend this pledge to all rural bank customers, thus ensuring that rural banks remain responsive to their customer base;
  • To develop mechanisms and capacities to serve the banking needs of the broadest range of customers from the smallest to the largest;
  • To work in partnership with BSP and other regulatory bodies to set and maintain the highest standards of compliance;
  • To assist members to learn from each other, to avoid unfair competition and practices and to work effectively in association rather than in competition;
  • To develop a common code of standard banking practices and assist members to operate effectively and efficiently within such practices and standards;
  • To develop and support public confidence in the rural banking system through mechanisms and means that support the ability of the Rural Banking System’s ability to provide for careful stewardship of bank resources;
  • To ensure that the entire system operates as a leader in the field of employee relations setting examples in the rural areas with regard to conditions of employment efficiency and customer service.