Re-broadcast: 59th National Convention Presentations – Aiming High, Charting a Clear Path

The rural banking industry has once again defied naysayers with the successful staging of the 59th RBAP Annual National Convention – a celebration of the industry’s yearly milestones, at the idyllic island resort of Boracay last May 24-25.  Delegates, guests and sponsors, numbering more than 500, exchanged pleasantries with their colleagues and listened attentively to the speakers who delivered motivating speeches on the thriving and evolving rural banking industry.

This year’s recently concluded convention might as well be called innovative and forward looking as some chosen speakers representing respected international agencies, presented timely research such as better than expected financial performance of rural banks despite increased competition from non-RBs and, methods on how to attract potential investors.  Other speakers also highlighted the breakthroughs in mobile banking, the growing number of RBs offering microfinance to rural folks and, pioneering technology that RBs can utilize in the future to further strengthen its position as a catalyst for rural development.

To know more about the varied topics discussed during the convention, we encourage all, even those who missed the event, to download the PowerPoint presentations from RBAP’s Slideshare account.

Congratulations to all those who made it possible for the spectacular staging of the 59th annual convention of RBAP.