Dear Fellow Rural Banker:

The Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines will hold its 57th Annual National Convention and Corporate Meeting at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza-Manila on May 31 and June 01, 2010.

Our theme for this year’s gathering “Towards Greater Financial Inclusion and Social Protection ” gives everyone the general direction we rural bankers are now moving towards. Considering the adverse impact that both the continuing catastrophe of the global economic turmoil and extreme weather have inflicted on the segments belonging to the base of the economic pyramid.

Making banking services and social protection available to a greater number of people especially those belonging to the base of the economic pyramid is a continuing challenge for all of us. In recent years, these obstacles however, have been gradually hurdled as our banks have started to band together to focus on addressing the evil that is poverty.

In this national gathering where we have invited speakers and resource persons from the world of microfinance, representing the regulators, foreign-funded development projects / programs, technical service providers, local and foreign fund sources and rating agencies, we rural bankers would have the time to interact and further reflect on the industry’s pressing concerns and how best we can comprehensively address these concerns as we move forward.

As part of our effort in making the forthcoming activity memorable, there will be a Special Car Raffle of one TOYOTA Innova J Diesel M/T (taxes and LTO registration shall be borne to the winner), on top of the regular prices that are given out during the convention.

In the interest of an orderly convention, we encourage you to accomplish the following forms and submit to RBAP as soon as possible.

1. Registration and Hotel Accommodation Forms
2. Advertising Contract

As to the allowable expenses, the corresponding Circular-Letter which provides for:

1. Member banks in good standing:

    a) Early bird registration, which is on or before May 19, 2010, is Seven Thousand Six Hundred (Ph 7,600.00). Inclusive of one raffle ticket for the SPECIAL CAR Raffle at discounted price of One Thousand Pesos Only (Ph1,000.00).b) Registration fee after May 19, 2010 is Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty (P7, 950.00). Inclusive of one raffle ticket for the SPECIAL CAR Raffle at discounted price of One Thousand Pesos Only (Ph1,000.00).

    c) Purchase of additional ticket will be at One Thousand Three Hundred Pesos (Ph1,300.00). For every additional 10 tickets you get one FREE.

    d) Non-member and delinquent member banks shall be assessed triple the registration fee;

    ** Note**

    i.Tickets are only available to member banks in good standing. Clients, employees and suppliers can participate only through their respective member banks

    ii. WINNER of the TOYOTA INNOVA J Diesel M/T will have to PAY and shoulder the corresponding taxes and LTO registrations.

    iii. Should we not meet the number of tickets sold for Special Car Raffle, all ticket purchases shall be refunded, including those acquired with the registration.

2. Actual transportation expenses from the rural bank to the convention venue and return;

3. Each delegate shall be entitled to a maximum per diem per day of Five Thousand (P5,000.00) Pesos for a period not exceeding five (5) days for the delegates coming from Luzon and seven (7) days for those coming from Visayas and Mindanao.

4. Maximum representation allowance of Six Thousand (P6,000.00) per delegate.

We shall count on your commitment and active participation. Thank you and our best regards.



Download Attachments for the RBAP Annual Convention in PDF format

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Download Circular Letter: 2010 Annual National Convention and Corporate Meeting
Download Cover Letter: 2010 RBAP Annual National Convention
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