Delinquency and Fraud Management in Banks Training – Oct 12-13

Date: Oct 12-13, 2017 (Thu-Fri-)
Venue: Gov. Licaros Hall, RBAP, Intramuros,
Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Mr. Noel J. Panelo, CPA
Microfinance Specialist, Banker/Trainer –Account Management Consultant


1. For Member – P3,400 /per person
2. Non-Member/Delinquent – P3,600 /per person

Check payable to:

Rural Bankers Research & Development Foundation Inc.

To reserve slot, a Non-Refundable commitment fee of P1,500.00 /pax is
required, but its deducted from the total registration fee.

Bank: LBP – Intramuros, Branch
Account Name: RBRDFI
SA No. 0012-1046-26.
Telefax (02) 527-2969 /527-2980



At the end of the training, the participants are expected to:
1. Understand the meaning of delinquency and how it negatively affects the
profitability of the bank
2. Analyze and manage loan portfolio
3. Learn how to prevent delinquency and remedy hardened accounts
4. Learn the different faces of fraud (internal and external).
5. Learn how to detect fraud early, then control and remedy the same
6. Learn the different internal controls that would help prevent
delinquency and fraud
I. Portfolio Analysis & Management
Process in managing portfolio
Sample portfolio report
Key financial ratios in measuring delinquency
Analyzing PAR by age
Sample calculation of loan loss provision
II. Root Causes of Delinquency
Various definitions of delinquency/past due
Common reasons and root causes of delinquency
Perceived uncontrollable events that may cause delinquency
Costs of delinquency (quantifiable and non-quantifiable)
III. Delinquency Prevention, Control and Remedial Management
Strategic courses of action in managing delinquency
Delinquency alarm signals at various levels
Stages of actions to be taken in controlling delinquency
IV. Management of Hardened Accounts
Steps in enforcing legal action
Action on court-mandated agreement
V. Small Claims Court
How to pursue collection through small claims court
VI. Workshop/Case study involving delinquency

VII. Common Frauds in MFIs
Definition of fraud
Various instances when fraud can be committed
VIII. Early warning signals: Red flags/symptoms for fraud
Types of fraud
Early warning signs of fraud in organizations
IX. Handling Fraud – methods and systems in detecting fraud
Various ways to detect fraud
Responses to fraud
X. Management of Fraud – prevention and controls
Ways to prevent fraud
Various controls to lessen the occurrence of fraud
XI. Workshop/Case study involving fraud
XII. Other Delinquency & Fraud Concerns/Open Forum

Notes: Relevant BSP circulars

BSP Cir. 941 – BSP Cir. 782, 796, 841
BSP Cir. 817 – BSP Cir. 871 –
BSP Cir. 900 – BSP Cir. 855

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